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Our Mission

Think about the data from a single climate monitoring satellite. Now multiply this a thousand-fold and reconsider the possibilities. Now put a thousand more satellites in space for global high-speed internet. Why do these concepts exist on paper only? If we could access space like we do the seas or sky, this would be a commercially viable reality.

There is one final missing link; affordable and high-frequency rocket launches.

While satellites today are becoming smaller and lighter, rocket technology has remained prohibitively large and costly. Constellations of satellites no bigger than a lunchbox can now outperform traditional multi-billion dollar assets. We believe rockets should follow this trajectory too.

Rocket Lab uses innovation in rocket technology and rapid development cycles to accelerate deployment and reduce the cost of launch – all the ingredients necessary to ignite the emerging small-sat market.

Our mission is to make space open for business.

$4.9 Million Dollar Launch

Here at Rocket Lab, we speak the same language as our customers: ‘How much capital will it take to start generating revenue from my satellite?’ This means calculating all factors, such as range costs and the price of a dedicated mission to exactly the right location. While the ‘cost per kg’ for secondary launches and rideshares can be deceptively low, the real cost for a dedicated mission can start at $56 million.

We believe this is incompatible with the business model of most commercial ventures, and stifles innovation and growth. That’s why we have designed our system to cost less than $5 million, a 91% reduction in cost.

100 Launches Per Year

Enabling change in the satellite industry means providing more than just a dozen flights a year. Rocket Lab is on a trajectory to provide at least 100 launches per year. Since we command the entire launch process including our own commercial launch facility, we are capable of maximising volume without sacrificing mission integrity.

Less Fuel than a 737

Rocket Lab is committed to treading lightly on our planet. Our launch system is optimized for small payloads, meaning great advances in fuel efficiency. Now it will be possible to deploy a satellite to a commercial orbit using less fuel than a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Not only will Rocket Lab be an enabler for technologies such as comprehensive climate modelling; our progress in advanced propulsion techniques will serve a crucial role in future energy markets.